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Our family has been raising beef cattle at our ranch in Sutter Creek, California since the 1860s. For a
number of years, we have had a desire to sell direct market, to avoid the necessity of taking our prime
animals to the livestock market, where they are sold and sent to feed lots. Finally, after a number of
years in the planning stage, the time was right to begin. We have only been selling direct market for
approximately a year and the demand has been growing steadily during that time, primarily by word
of mouth. Our goal for the first two years is just to get the word out about our product and to build a
satisfied customer base. Our experience so far has been that once potential customers have tried our
product, it virtually sells itself.

In June and July, after the seasonal grasses have bolted and gone to seed, we have the animals
processed at Johansen's Meats in Orland, California. Johansen's is USDA inspected and has over 20
years of experience specializing in dry-aging and processing grass raised beef. They also process grass-
raised meat for high-end restaurants in San Francisco and Sacramento. Immediately after processing,
the meat is deep frozen in their freezers for a week at sub-zero temps and then transported to our
Sutter Creek ranch where it is kept frozen until sold or eaten.

We sell our meat two ways, retail locally in Amador County California at selected locations or as
processed animals, from whole beefs down to 1/8th. An 1/8th, depending on the size of the animal, is
usually around 35 to 55 pounds of meat. Please see the pricing page for locations and details.

The ratio of meat cuts has been approximately 10 - 15% steaks, 10 to 15% roasts, 10 to 15% other
cuts, such as fajita meat and different ribs, and 50% Ground Beef. We leave out the soup bones unless

The price depends on the size of the animal and amount wanted, usually $6.50 to$ 7.50 per pound.
If you have never tried grass-raised beef before, I recommend starting with an1/8th. That way your
initial investment is minimal, and you will only need around 2.5 - 3 cubic feet of freezer space.

Thank you for your interest in our product and we look forward to working with you.